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Knocking sound when coasting

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I have a '93 Subaru Legacy AWD. It just started having a loud knocking/clanking sound when the vehicle is moving and not accelerating. It does this in any gear or neutral as long as the vehicle is moving and there isn't a load on the transmission. When you accelerate the sound goes away until you get off the gas. Car has 170k, but I have had it for about 1k. My son drives it so I don't know if this came on suddenly or worked its way up.


The sound goes faster if you are going faster and slower if you are going slower. Where should I be looking?


Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to the USMB.


Can you describe the sound any more? Is it a clanking, high pitch, low pitch, etc.


I would probably suggest looking at the axles or driveline and see you notice anything. It sounds like something is loose and as a result is causing something that is rotating to hit something else.

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