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Way easier to do last time..

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I tried to change out the stereo system in my 1988 GL wagon using color codes I found online that were specific to my car. I took the took off the negative side of the battery and wired up everything all nice like I did 6 months ago on my Chevy Nova. But, when I went to turn every thing on this time, the speakers were all crackly and awful and the dash illumination flickered a lot. So, I quickly took it off, but the dash never came back on again as I drove around!


FFWD to today, when I decided to just put each wire to a meter using the black as the ground, I got these results:


W/ BATTERY Green - yes

W/ BATT AND IGNITION Green - yes blue/yellow - yes

W/ BATT, IGN, ILLLUM Green - yes blue/yellow - yes red/green - yes


with negative results for the red wire and yellow wire all the way through.


So I assumed that that meant that:


BLACK= ground

Green= Battery 12+

Red/greeen= Illumination

Blue/yellow= Ignition 12+


That made sense to me because ealier when I had the red/green wire as the "Battery 12+" one, the stereo would only turn on if I had my headlights on.


When I put those wires together and went to turn on the car, it freaked out for about a half of a second, and now it wont start at all with or without anything connected.


Which probably means that I fried something...?


but the wierd thing was that even after all this, I disconnected the battery completely and was still consistently getting about 5V from the green wire and .5V coming from the blue/yellow wire. So where is that energy coming from?!?


Also, I connected my car battery to the wall outlet so I can get it started at least, and now all I'm getting is a rapid ticking sound from behind the steering wheel. Great...


Also, if anyone could tell me what are the real codes, I'd be really appreciative....

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check fuse number 5, see if its blown. you can probably make the car run if you backfed 12v into the solid green wire. happened to me, backfed with a toggle, drove like this for months, and then discovered fuse #5 and replaced it.

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