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want to put an ej18 in my ea81 BRAT, HELP!!!

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i need to know all the ins and outs,

electrical, mounting points, tranny,

and where to BUY the actual good, low mileage ej18

to throw in my car.


and i dont need to hear about how ej22 has more power.

i dont need THAT muchpower.

double my stock power is ENOUGH thank you.


can i use my original ea81 transmission? the d/r 4spd?

or i would gladly source a d/r 5spd. may as well

improve thetrans at the same time as the engine.


i m in the renton, wa area.


i ordered and paid for a nice full gasket set on EBAY

for my ea81. never showed up. bunch of BS.

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There are many write-ups on the EJ swap too. Many that are VERY indepth. Ill see if I cant find a write-up for you...


write-up: http://www.numbchuxconversions.com/Files/EA2EJ.pdf


I pulled this from here:



My friend failed at going from EA82T-EJ22, basically wasted peoples time, but hope this write-up helps :)


Best of luck and keep us updated.

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Hi This is Jerry, i have an Ej1.8 engine in my 85 hatch runs great very happy with it and i am getting 38.4 mpg with it. I bought it from Super Dave he also cut down the harrness he did a super job really clean. I live in Selah next to Yakima if you want to see my hatch or call me 1-509-952-2855 i can let you know all about it. Thanks Jerry

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