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  1. I applied. Not gonna lie I think itd be cool to get recognition for spreading the word about Subaru... especially since I do it daily, even though I work at Toyota
  2. Is it still satin white? I had heard it became crystal white pearl? Is that just a STi thing?
  3. Thank you guys! Im so upside down in the car... Well sorta, I owe about 14k on it, I could probably get 16K for it if I tried... But I love it so much, its one of my favorite cars.... Taken a lot of work to be what it is today (as you can see what I started with)
  4. Update: Havent posted awhile, been trying to sell Ned so I can get some things figured out. Finally got my dream exhaust put on the car! Got the Blitz Nur Spec... This was after the Invidia N1 Race and then a straight pipe (ungodly loud) and Im settled on this exhaust. Has a deep grumble to it, and no rasp when on full boost. Have had a couple snags lately: -My SPT turbo heat-shield was awfully close to my Blouch turbo coolant line and eventually wore a hole in it causing coolant to spray all over the place, that was a fun leak to trace down. Had it welded and reinstalled. Happens to be a custom piece from Blouch for the oversize turbo and they want $80 for a whole new kit... which I only needed 1 piece from it. A beer or 2 later, good as new. -Have a misfire every now and again, doesnt throw a code unless I start it without letting the fuel pump cycle, so Im thinking its fuel system related (injectors or pump, either one needs to be replaced for more "go fast") -Throw out bearing gave out on me... emergency transmission pull... ick. Couple new things... -Went wider with the wheels (this would be set #5 on the car) Niche Verona (M150) 18X9.5 +40 with 235/40/18 tires. These are the perfect width and offset that Im not rubbing at any turn, while being almost 10 inches wide. -Sold my 04/05 tail lights for a huge profit and bought tinted 06 tail lights which look amazing on the car! -Got a rear window vane which I think offsets the car very nicely. -STi limited front bumper with fog lights (way nicer looking than the previous WRX TR bumper) -Limited Production Pacific Wonderland Plates! Near future mods: -New steering wheel, unsure if I will just get a STi one, or if I will go with an aftermarket quick release set-up. -Possibly will trade my wheels for Enkei NT03s in the same size, I just like the way they look over mine. -Fuel pump (walbro 255lph) -Injectors (ID1000) -Grimmspeed EBCS -Bump up to 13lbs and 300+whp -ACT HD clutch (not looking forward to another clutch job, I shouldve replaced it, but it definitely wasnt planned)
  5. Very nice ride Spencer! You should come down to a PNW Subaru Enthusiasts meet sometime! I sport my rex at several meets throughout the week. Sundays is a huge meet in Portland. Kickass to see you sportin those numbers! I gotta do injectors, FP and EWG to get my turbo over 12psi.. And then transmission. Congrats on the purchase!
  6. Yupp her car is definitely famous...
  7. She is about to hit 116K miles... been to Seattle a few times, to Spokane once (my girlfriend temporarily relocated up there) and to Bend and just all around driving. Shes been over 120 miles per hour... didnt feel anything faster after 80 with the suspension (yes it was stupid, but Ill learn while Im young) Had her officially dyno'd... numbers before were WAY off... Super safe tune, probably 10.5-11.0 psi I ran 280whp and 282wtq... I need injectors, fuel pump and external wastegate and around 14psi I should be around 320whp and 315wtq.... LOVE THE CAR... Miss Ned sometimes
  8. I greatly apologize for the lack of pictures and postings! I have been just swamped with owning the two cars, trying to move and spending time with the S.O. Here she is the day I got her (and her first week in my possession): New wheels/tires - Blacked headlight housings with metallic yellow high beam (looks great) Highbeams are REALLY yellow (going to upgrade to 65W yellow bulbs as well) At the weekly Monday Meet (hosted by me) next to my brothers new 07 STI Limited SWP as well Here she is with my girlfriends 2004 WRX (on air ride) One of my more proud moments... Huge TMIC + 3 core Mishimoto radiator = 29 minutes idling before fans kicked on... took 51 minutes to do 3 cycles to make sure air was out of the system... but DAYUM! (also installed Grimmspeed hood dampers) How she currently sits... BC BR Coilovers, XXR 535 18X8.75 +35 offset... I love it.. need more low up front, and the front lip is back on... I can three-wheel with these coils they are stiff!
  9. Pics will have to wait, I guess my computer is being dumb and wont copy and paste the files...
  10. I have been pondering replacing... err... adding to my Subaru belt for quite sometime, and with Ned's engine condition slipping I knew Id need a second vehicle, so I bought one of my dream Subarus... a 2007 WRX Sedan in Satin White Pearl. She was my brothers, so I have known her since she had 78K and I bought her with 111,640 miles for 13K. Mods she has now: Blouch 2.5XT Dominator ball bearing turbo TurboXS big TMIC Perrin Cold Air Intake Mishimoto XLine radiator Gates Racing Timing Belt kit (more of maintenance, but its blue ) Invidia Catless DP STI uppipe Tein Coilovers (lowered) 6/8K spring rates 2004/2005 tail light (new from Subaru) Invidia N1 Race exhaust (trading this out soon for a Blitz Nur Spec R) STI interior (almost, need front seats and carpet) LED reverse, interior and DRL lights (bright) Red Rally Armor XXR 527 18X8.75 +35 with 225/40/18 Continental DW tires Just painted the headlight housings (well, a friend did, I watched and replaced my brakes *story below*) Grimmspeed hood dampers (not installed yet) Things I want to do: Gauge pod Bigger turbo inlet 1000CC ID injectors DW 320LPH fuel pump External waste gate Grimmspeed EBCS 14-15PSI (keeping it low still because of the 113K miles on stock block) Stage 3 built block from Steve @ HMS Different wheels Wilwood brake conversion BC extreme low coilovers 10/12K rates Seibon CF hood (with bigger scoop) Grimmspeed hood splitter Demon trunk CF Roof wrapped black Cryo treated gears PPG gears 1-4 The list goes on and on, I have loved her quite a bit and plan to keep her around just as long as Ned (even if the engines bust Ill still find a way to keep them going) This is one long post, picture whoring in the next post...
  11. Pics will be updated soon... Ned died Headgasket finally got the best of him... Been driving my WRX around and went to start him to move him and the entire time he was warming up he was billowing (and I mean billowing) white smoke out of the exhaust... Drove down the street to the store and back into a different spot... seemed happy but I know hes hurting... I got the other motor hottanked and this one is just gonna go to scrap or be sold cheap as a rebuilder. The WRX got some much needed love... Only had her since Feb 24th and Ive gone from 111,640 to 113K today! Oil change soon. Pics and a better description when Im on my own computer for pictures!
  12. What area are you thinking? Because the Americas Tire has been friendly with me on Monday nights, and I wouldnt mind more old gen Subarus there... Empty parking lots in the area Im sure could serve useful every now and then for meets with little to no issues.
  13. Your best bet is a 2" lift, dont have to throw the suspension out of whack, dont even have to extend the steering, but you can fit slightly larger tires which will give you even more ground clearance and it honestly looks stock Or just bigger tires... EVERYONE says my car looks lifted... stock 185/70/13 tires upgraded to 205/60/15 (so not MUCH bigger) but the bigger wheels and tires give it a lifted appearance.
  14. Sounds good guys! I didnt replace any tensioners this time around, timing belt was done at 160k with everything new including the water pump and tensioners... so it would suck if those were bad already :/ New motor goes into the hottank tomorrow so I can start assembly... then its factory specs for torquing on the "new" engine.... so hopefully no issues after that.
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