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  1. Went to TSF on sunday. It had rained pretty good a few days last week and there was still some good water on the obstacles. I'm not sure, but I think the only thing I made it up without assistance was the right side of Waterfall. We hit Airplane Hill, Can Opener, Waterfall, Rock Garden, all of Firebreak 5, Saddle up, Rocky Up Hill, and whatever else transit trails…. Went with a group of smaller, less built rigs, and didn't get into Crushers…. Which is OK i guess, I'll get back in there next time. My truck held up great, and I'm ready to go smash again anytime. I'm surprised that it stays so straight, I pretty much hammer on it like nothing matters anymore…. Heres a few pics….
  2. Love this truck, it just sits there, never sees the trail. I've concluded that the thrill is in the build, hoping to get up to browns camp this weekend or sometime soon anyway. Here's a couple pics, it is "done" for the most part. Just put new rear brakes on, i Will probably never have to do brakes on the truck ever again, the fronts have about 1000 miles, and rears have about 5 miles haha. I am gonna add hydro assist, but thats it…. Gonna start another project, 1950 willys pickup, Mercedes om602, r150f, 23 spline duals, d60, 14 bolt, full hydro, links/coilovers, all that cool stuff… Here's a couple pics of the finished interior and stuff. The truck has come a LONG way, thats for sure.
  3. The baby snail is running direct wastegate boost, which is 5psi. Car ran GREAT at nationals. Placed 11th of 19 in modified. There were some fast cars and tough competition! Totally satisfied, it was a blast. Learned some stuff, met some awesome people, total success…. Didn't get many pics at the event, there was a lot going on...
  4. Getting a lil ancy about the race this weekend… Hope the car does well. It's been a major headache! Engine out, engine in, engine out for hg's, stripped head bolt hole, no way to re-thread hole, running out of options, tapped hole to 1/2x20, used a 7.5" bolt to fasten head to block, fingers crossed it will hold long enough to make all my runs!! The car is running real good, the turbo adds quite a bit of power! Boost is almost immediate, and its still plenty torquey. Tomorrow is crunch time for packing up and being ready to roll out EARLY thurs morn. I'm bringing 2 spare axles, 2 spare ball joints, way too many tires, and a bag of tools. I just hope all my bases are covered, its a LONG way to drive with so many iffy circumstances! Got some numbers on and all fresh fluids/filters… Heres a pic of my custom head bolt job. I ran a die nut down the bolt to make the threaded section longer, and clearances a washer to fit the contour of the valve cover. It is working… If I had to do it again, I would shorten the bolt by about 1/2", I didn't have a bottom tap so the threads are tapered near the bottom of the hole. It felt like the bolt bottomed out. Rather than risk ruining the hole again, I just decided to risk it… So far so good….. All ready to rock! NUMBERS!!!
  5. I knew yours had the 44, but thats an "optioned" front end because of the Rubi pkg.. Of course you knew that...
  6. I like that your Jeep has dents, I like that you broke an axle, I like that you actually USE it! I am very much not a jeep fan, but it has nothing to do with the capability of the rig (although I do think it's dumb they chose a D30…). My dislike of the Jeep is rooted in the stigma of the "typical Jeep owner," and that the cherokee is unibody (also DUMB)… But other than that the rig looks good! I go wheeling with a guy who has a Jeep very similar to yours, 35's/4.0/5mt/rear locker, and he beats on it pretty good and we have a fun time. I still would choose my Toyota over most Jeeps. Also, kinda weird but I visit this forum more for updates in these threads than for Subaru info anymore, even though I'm still very much a subie fanatic! (and owner!)
  7. ORRRRRRR, you can just buy axles from a 2006/7 WRX wagon… They're the right length and have the pop-in style stubs. (for stubless transmissions)… I've gone through all of this in my 1995 Impreza coupe.. WRX sedan is wider than WRX wagon. WRX wagon is same (axle) width as GC/GF/GM Impreza. 02-05 WRX has male stub transmission (uses roll pins) 06-07 WRX has stubless transmission (pop-in axles) Hope this helps! To further add info, you can WIDEN your GC/GF/GM impreza by using GD sedan control arms/lateral links, and the respective proper GD sedan axles that fit whatever style transmission is in your car. I have GD sedan width stuff on my coupe, with a 2004 Forester XT 4.44 5 speed transmission (hydraulic pull type clutch), 2006 WRX sedan front axles (pop-in axles), 2004 STI struts/springs.
  8. Thanks!! I'm just waiting for this season to start….. Ive Installed GD sedan width control arms, 04 STI lateral links, turbo legacy front brakes, and turbo crossmember…. THEN! Way overdue for an update….. Can you say TURRRRRBO?!?!!! I have successfully installed and driven with it! EJ22E-T? Its pretty much direct swap of the turbo stuff off a 1994 t-leg wagon. Lil tiny vf11, no intercooler, Nameless down pipe, homebrew mid/tail pipe…. Sounds badass, seems to run good, still under testing phase… Have about a week and a half of mashing all the bugs out before the West Coast National Challenge. I'm in the middle of installing some gauges, AFR, EGT, and boost. Those should give me SOME idea of how its running. I also have a wrx fuel pump and MSD coil I'm going to install. And picked up some vented rear discs from PNP the other day…. New exhaust next to the old exhaust haha…… Always home brewed! Coil ready to go Quick vid!! http://vid739.photobucket.com/albums/xx32/obk25xt/rally%20car/B04DEA7E-745B-4B15-8D41-
  9. Yeah, I meant BOOST, not host…. The manifolds I have aren't machined for the 1-way valve the 22t manifold has….
  10. Are you using the 22t intake manifold? Wondering, because I'm also boosting my ej22 and there isn't a place for the 1 way valve behind the IACV. Hoping I won't have an issue there with host going where I don't want it to…... Spencer
  11. Time for an update, Put the 63's back on, I was bending the f150's. Started to install the cage, and decided I needed to tub the firewall first. So fuckit I cut some holes in the floor! Cab had some rust in the lower corners anyway, so all I did was improve everything. Welding toyota sheet metal is a pain in the rump roast. Haven't flexed it yet to see how much better it is, but it looks good..
  12. Hope all is well, I've called and txt you several times. Number changed. No biggie, but was checkin in.
  13. I'm really glad to see it being taken care of…...
  14. WHAT?!?! Dang, that sucks…. I've been waiting for an update, and this isn't what I meant….
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