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Noise that gets louder when there is a dip in road

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1995 Legacy Wagon 2.2 355,000 AWD Automatic


The noise is coming from the front driver side. It starts around 50mph. It does not go away while turning. It is steady sound but when I hit a dip in the road it gets louder. Its independent of acceleration and lacks vibration. It had all the classic signs of wheel bearing noise but I repaired both sides and it is still there. The tires are newer with only 2k on them. Alignment was done around the same time. I will rotate the tires to see if it changes. Question is will a cv joint make a steady noise? (no clicking while turning) My fear is the differential side bearing is bad. What sound does that make when it goes bad? Differential fluid was a little low. Not a whining sound.

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I think you are on the right track, I would have guessed bearings first. Since those did not fix it, and the fact that it changes with suspension movement my next guess is cv joints. If I understand correctly it is only the outer ones that click with steering, you could have a bad inner joint.


Im not positive but would be kind of surprised if it is the diff.

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Diff carrier bearings will sound like this:

A whirling grumbling type sound.


You replaced the front wheel bearings? What about the rears?

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