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Refurbish 93 Legacy starter motor commutator contacts

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This 93 Legacy L 2wd 5spd w/ +180Kmi had trouble since last year starting the car.

Last year refurbished the starter solenoid contacts. Filed the contacts with an emery board. The car started well after that. Then 7 months later again trouble starting the car once more. The solenoid still was clicking as it should but starter motor failed to engage on most tries. The car would eventualy always start.


This year disassembled the starter commutator and brushes assembly. Cleaning the commutator dirty contacts with wet 180 grit sand paper ( see before and after photos) brought the shine back to these contacts and the car started immediately 20 mins later.


See photos of somewhat complicated scheme to reassemble the 4 tight fitting brushes over the commutator. Used spark plug feeler guages to push simultaneously the 4 spring tensioned to spread over the contacts. Then pulled the guages out carefully and done.






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Note: last two photos are out of sequence

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