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89' Legacy EJ22 - Weird jerking when pushed hard around corners?

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Hey guys, been noticing a weird phenomenon in my EJ22 89' Lego when I'm going around corners. If I drive it easy, then sweet, no problems. But if I push it hard, when I straighten up it seems to buck/jerk pretty hard until I take the foot off the throttle or push the clutch in.


At first I thought it was a fueling issue as I was a poor student up till about a week ago, and usually had next to nothing in the tank. But now I've filled it up it's still doing it.


I figure its something to do with binding with the AWD, but I've only ever heard about that sort of thing on ATs, and its a 5 speed AWD. Anyone got any ideas?

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Cheers for pointing that out mate. Thought it might do.


I tried it around a left-hand corner today - no bucking. Seems to only happen on the right hand side.. possibly a PCV issue? Anyone got any feedback?

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