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96 Lego Brtn 5MT - Intermittent "buzz instead of crank"

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Just wondering whether anyone has a "try this first" for a 96 5MT Legacy that "buzzes instead of cranks", maybe about 1 in 4 times when the key is turned to start. It usually cranks on the second try. Sometimes I think that I push harder on the clutch pedal against the floor and maybe that helps, but it could be unrelated and the second try would have worked anyway.


It sure sounds like the buzz comes from "up under the dash" rather than from the starter on the other side of the firewall, but I haven't nailed down the location of the sound yet by having a "volunteer" try cranking while I listen under the hood. With an intermittent problem, you ususally can't get it to happen when the volunteer is present. :-\




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Please post what you find. Mine does the same thing occasionally, about one in 50 starts, but it always works the second turn. I figured it has to be some relay under the dash, but with the infrequency of it I always forget about it until it happens again.

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