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Scott in Bellingham

200R Diff into a EA82 car

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I considered it for my 87 gl too. Had found a 86 & 88 turbo 300zx for donors but life got in the way.;)

Haven't done it but here's some info you might find useful:







good stuff, I picked just the 3.9 to match the Dualrange,


from your link


280ZX 80 MT,4 Seater (3.9) (R200)


280ZX-GL 80 (3.9) (R200)


280ZX 81-83 MT (3.9) (R200)


from another site


Z31 300zx

87-89 NA 3.9 open ( long snout, so a bolt in to the soobie)

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I seem to remember reading that you can find the diff ratio on z31s using the chassis # on the ID plate near the radiator. I searched this stuff back in June so its all IIRC.

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I purchased a Z31 R200 clutch LSD rear diff for my EA81 RWD conversion. You'll have to come up with a solution for the rear CV axles. I'm planning to have a custom spindle made for the rear hub/suspension arm so I can simply bolt on the Nissan CV axles. Or you will have to cut and weld axles to make it work.


The flange for the prop shaft can/should be swapped with your R160 diff, but I haven't been able to confirm that yet as I need to take both diffs to a shop with air tools to remove the locking nut.


As the R200 is (much) bigger you will have to redrill the holes on the mustache bar (diff carrier) to keep enough clearance to the gas tank.

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