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SO ... just how bad IS the 2000 GTLeagcy GT WGN ??

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I tracked down a 2000 Legacy GT Wgn, my '97 got totaled about a year ago, currently driving an auto, I miss the 5 speed, which this car is !


The '00 is a GT WGN, 5 SPd, with ONLY 84K miles on it !

I know this is the first of the model year change car, which means they must have some problems that I need to look into if I'm thinking about this car! So what's the scoop on this '00 Subeeland !!!???


Many, Many Thanks, SubeeTed

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Seeping Headgaskets on the phase II 2.5


Once they've been replaced, properly with the new gaskets, they are great engines.

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i bought a 00 legacy L last year with 82k miles. i got it cheap beacuse it had a ''slow to engage'' trans issue. which is not uncommon in the 99 and 00 maybe 01 auto trans. but i knew a $10 of transX added to the trans fluid would correct it. so i got it added the trans-x and was a happy camper. it came wiht a good service history and paperwork to prove it.


less than 1000 miles later it started knocking and spun a rod bearing. #4 i think. so i bought a used engine, put my heads on it with new subaru gaskets and now i'm a happy camper again.


the point is, some of the early? 00 - 04 engines have suffered bad rod bearings for no apparent reason. the consensus is that it is the bearing manufacturing company that is at fault. but that is just a guess. and the frequency of these bad bearings may not be very high or significant. but it does happen and for no apparent reason.


1/ so possible slow to engage auto trans cured by trans-x. but this will not be an issue for your manual trans GT.

2/ seeping head gaskets which can usually be driven a long time by keeping the fluid topp off, and the coolant leak can often be stopped by adding the suabru ''coolant conditioner'' to the system. even after new gaskets fix the seeping the coolant conditioner should be used.

3/ and possible bad rod bearing for no reason.


most everything else is going to be the same small stuff you already know from owning a 97.

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