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How's it goin everyone, I'm having some problems with a cassette-to-3.5mm jack adapter in a stock 95 legacy wagon deck, and wanted to see if anyone could give me some insight.


Problem being, I put the adapter in, the deck accepts it, it "ticks" a few times, then the deck spits it out.


I found that some people had luck opening up the adapter and removing the set of gears that prevent the tape from turning in the opposite direction, tried it, still no go. I thought maybe I just got a bad adapter so I tried it in a friend's stock wrx deck, works beautifully... so it has to be my deck?

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Hi, my '96 does that too. I think what is needed is the cassette adapter that turns both cassette wheels. Else some tape decks get confused when it sees only one wheel turning in the deck and it pukes it out.

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