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:headbang: WELL NOW......It"s been long overdue......I"ve been a follower of the Hatch Patrol since a couple of years after started on the web sooo, I"ve been doing SUPEROOS for over 20yrs. and after all the Floggings and ABUSE I have yet to have a mystery hole pop up in the block[HAHA], I"ve bought them with it and still got them to run [-1 plug not firing]. Anyway it"s good to be around people that believe in poor little gutless tin can wanabe 4x4"s [THAT"S TO ALL THE HATER"S OUT THERE-U KNOW WHO U ARE!!!] THE HEEP sticker you"re right [ I DON'T WANT TO UNDERSTAND!!! ] I work on too many to want to,[haha]. So after about 50+ subies I"ve gotten used to having either shot inside"s or rusty outside's or both or get a super clean 1 only to have it be a auto or 2x or both [damn it!]. So I"ve got used the worker"s so it hasn"t been a big deal about a dent or rust or a little dirt on the interior-[ I HAVE DOG"S HAHA] It"s not my car if it hasn"t approved by the KID"S, So after 50+ of lightly used subie"s and used to them I finally came across the CLEAN 1-150.k 1 own. no rust,wrecks, repaint,babie"s,kid"s,boom boxes-stereo"s. I"ve gotten used to using mine as a dirt bike"s,i.e-sandunes,rockcrawling,fishing,hunting,tent,hauling them to ride[bike"s] snowblower[snow over the windshield blower] and general flogging, so my new delimma is I"m a bit scared of using the CLEAN 1 [88 old school hatchie H/L don"t like time belts] as a flogger like my past one"s so I guess I will have to find a wgn. for that program I guess... ho hum a searchin I will go...... I will put up pics when I get the cam. and comp. to like each other ha ha! banghead: Well done now see ya!

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