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Do I need to inform the machine shop to set the valve stem height when I have them do a 3 angle grind on my EJ22 dp heads? Also, is knurling the guides something they should do or do I need to request it?


to save some costs, I have dissassembled the heads, hot tanked and cleaned all the carbon out. Now I want the shop to check for warpage and cut the valves and seats and I will reassemble.



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Stem height is not a concern if you are using the original valves, or new ones from Subaru. If the stem height is excessive it is because of another factor such as incorrect valve margin which requires replacement of the valve, or the seat being ground too far. In which case the seat should be replaced rather than grinding the valve stem.


The shop will also have a guide with the proper dimensions. Just make sure they know the correct year of the engine the heads came from.

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