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EA82 Goes POP !

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So basically my title explains what my car did last night lol I was on my way home from the grocery store and I pulled out on to the street, shifted into 2nd at like 5k and right when I go to shift it went POP! And then just kinda bogged out, didn't die but my acceleration was choppy it would barely move under it's own power, I coasted into the gas station (barely) a cop came by and actually pushed me into a Parking stall with his bumper :headbang:


Now I just put in an FI junkyard ea82 long block in it a couple days prior, it had been leaking

A decent amount of oil but still running fine, no TOD but absolutely no oil pressure on the gauge. It would come on when Id turn the key over but once I started it the pressure would sit way below 0


I left it there last night went back this morning, found my disty cap a little loose, tightened it down an that's about it. It starts up and runs, idles a little low and the acceleration is still choppy, I have to feather the gas pedal to get up towards 3k or so but once it hits 3k I can rev it all the way up to 6 no problem. Gives a little backfire when rpms are comin down but I think that's just because of my loud exhaust .


I was having some trouble getting the timing right after i put the motor in, but I did get it timed. And it starts up like normal.


So could my timing be off ? Subruise suggested I possibly dropped a valve ?

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