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Butch the 86 brat

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I have been lurking for a while as my brat has not been in my driveway untill today. unfortunately between forking 3 days a week, and highschool 5 days a week things will be moving quite slowly untill summer but here is the list of mods that will be happening.

  • new radio, speakers, amp, sub
  • maxima alternator upgrade (unless anyone knows of an alternator that is over 100Amp)
  • offroad front bumper
  • winch
  • lightbar
  • offroad lights
  • jumpseats
  • roll bar
  • wind dam
  • interior led lighting
  • 4 inch lift
  • new bucket seats
  • cat-back dual 1.3/4 pipes with cherry bombs
  • air horns
  • paint and powdercoat some parts


if anyone has suggestions as to upgrades, parts that i should use or anything. I am open to all ideas




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thanks BB and after searching high and low (i will be powerwashing to make sure) but i cant seem to find any rust but on the exhaust (which is going soon anyways) and the front tow hooks. so i am really excited that i dont have to do any major rust repairs. i did however find out that my shocks/struts are blown or just worn out. does anyone know that struts/shocks i could use as a bolt on (please keep in mind that i have a full 4 inch lift kit (spacers)) that i could install that gives me a 2 inch or so lift?

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