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OK, I have the engine all back in and seems to be running fine.  Actually haven't worked on this for a few weeks, but I seem to have developed another problem since I started removing the engine, torque bind. At least that's what I think it is anyways. I can feel a definite binding in the rear when I'm driving it.  Question is, will it clear itself or will I need to intervene? I thought I read somewhere that a battery that is low will cause this too, is that true? I know when I first started it, it would barely turn over from sitting so long, but it did start.


Also, I intend to change the rear struts because the back end will bottom out when you go over a good bump. My question is, should I change the springs as well as the struts? I already have purchased the struts, but not the springs.....  And does anyone here know how to access the tops of the strut mounts?  They must be under the seat cushions I guess???


Just sitting here in the rain and gloom in the Great State of Maine.



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