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Still trying to get my XT's kinks worked out.


So, after I put it all back together following a head gasket job a couple months ago (with new oil pump gaskets, reinforced cam tower o-rings, and anaerobic sealant for the cam tower-to-head mating gasket), I started it up and when it got to full temp it began making a light clink-y sound on the left-hand head. I wasn't too concerned at the time, but it steadily got worse over the course of a couple hundred miles: now it makes a very loud tick of death from just the LH head. Removing the valve cover reveals a normal amount of oil covering everything, nothing out of place and no noticeable wear from oil starvation or anything on the new cams, but all four lash adjusters are super squishy. When I put them in, all four had what seemed like a normal amount of play (sub .5mm).


Has anybody had all lash adjusters on only one head up and fail before? Could it possibly be a weak oil relief spring or something like that?

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