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New to USMB, mostly new to Subaru

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Just got a 1999 Legacy SUS Limated with the 2.5L DOHC. I have wanted a Subaru for a long time but could not justify the high cost, so when a friend offered up his subaru dirt cheap I bought it on the spot. It needs quite a bit of work, head gaskets and such but I couldn't loose on the price. It's a 1999 Legacy SUS with Limited trim.. I'm mostly new to Subaru. I used an employee discount to get my mom into a brand new '12 Imprezza last year, and I have driven it on a couple occasions and it is Nice, just a little small for me, beyond that, I'm not very knowlagble of Subaru. I'm familliar with the boxer 4 engine as I had a '74 Super Beetle a few years ago, but even the Subaru variation is different.

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Subaru Vehicles are a breed apart, there really wasn't/isn't anything like them on the road.


Some say Subaru just copied the Corvair and water cooled it...Some Say that without the Aircooled Designs of Ferdinand Porsche the Subaru would have never been...Some say the Moon is made of Green Cheese...


And they would be wrong...dead wrong...

the whole bloody lot of 'em.


Welcome to The Center of the Subaru Universe, Well maybe slightly off center...

If you have questions just jump in, someone here has the knowledge you seek.


Careful though, these guys put ideas into your head and before long you will be tearing into things you never thought you would

(or could, maybe even should)

But in the end, you'll end up better for it.


Welcome and Enjoy!




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Thanks. 5spd swap has arleady crossed my mind. I like vehicles that are swappable, and it seems like Subaru's are that kind of car.

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they were made simply, it's amazing what one can do to/with these.


It's a system that just works, any year/model generation can be crossed with the same year/model generation (as far as I can tell).

Note that I am no expert by any stretch of imaginings. But there are some here who are, and their opinion weighs mightily because they have "been there, done that". nothing substitutes for the experiences they've gained.

(and they are willing to SHARE with us! YAY!!!)


How cool is that!




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