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1990 Legacy L Sedan AWD Auto

Bought in August 01 with 124,000 KM

Now has 160,400 KM


Have had the following replaced during that time to get it up to par.


Rear Shocks.

Front Left/Right Axles Shafts.

Brakes Front/Rear Rotors and Pads.

Fuel Line.



Trans Flush.

Diff Flush.

Brake Flush.

Crank Pully.



Door Lock.

Shock wells / Wheel wells rebuilt.


I contiune to fight rust......on the doors, under the middle moulding/trim. It's even worse because it "bleeds" onto any work that you do in this area. Has anyone had any success in fixing this area? How hard is it to remove the doorskin? What, if any, clips break? I see my door skin is already cracked (smashed) around one of the screws. Are there clips that hold that trim on?


As well, the quarter panels are both going.... A local bodyshop said he couldn't get the wheel arches to begin to fix them. Anyone have any ideas where to get some? In Canada would be my preference. I tried rustrepair.com and received many email contridicting each other, it didn't build my confidience that I would get what I wanted when finished shipping from New Mexico :)


Lastly, Just yesterday I had my read swaybar removed, no more clunk. The dealer encouraged this as the whole end assembly was rotted out and to replace was too expensive. He also told me later years didn't even have them anyways, so I put that money into an alignment and front right stabilizer link....No more clunks...what a beautiful ride it is.....feels better than the first day I picked her up. Now if I can just beat the rust.



Must say that this board is great and has enabled me to ditch one mechanic and understand many more.

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