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Another ej22 turbo question

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This is just in the "thinking stage" as the idea is popping my head, but I was wondering about the feasibility? Not talking a turbo swap from a turbo'd car, but rather swapping a turbo in and maybe mixing parts to get it to work. I have a spare GT2554 sitting around (needs exhaust housing so can always swap on a Subaru style to use a factory manifold) that would be more than enough even if it only saw a max of 10 psi (even 5-8 on the smaller turbo might be enough to avoid piston swap) which I think would be OK with the compression ratio of the engine so long as 91-93 octane is used. I have some extra turbo stuff from the Saab so that'd be a start. Some answers are in the other ej22 thread here, but some are unanswered.


Just thinking out loud here, but I'd need:


-drain into oil pan 

-fuel pressure regulator?

-MAP sensor?


-fuel pump?

-intercooler, piping (would run a FMIC and none of that top engine stuff)

-coolant lines to/from

-oil feed

-BOV (have a Bosch)

-support bracket for turbo

-proper exhaust manifold

-down pipe

-ECM swap? (Are the ECM's married to the car? Couldn't you just swap in an Impreza or another pre OBDII turbo cousin's ECM and harness? Throw an MBC on it to limit boost to 8-10psi and call it a day?

-Is timing electronically controlled on 95' ej22? Or can it be retarded manually?


Would it be easier to swap most parts from a turbo'd (pre OBDII) cousin? Care to explain how you turbo'd yours? A GT25 on a FWD Saab (with MBC) was nothing but wheel spin, but on an AWD platform the extra early torque should make it scoot and a 7-8 cm exhaust housing should help it stay alive above 5k though it might not be needed for this power level.

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