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1978 subaru DL1600cc (olbessy)

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Vacuum issues I believe.

I have had oil coming out of ..eh I think is the pistons cover. On the left side it has a vacuum tube on it witch is connect to the carburetor.

So why is this spraying oil now I've driven it like this for mouths. Here are some pics of both side

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These engines have a flow of air through the crank case from one side to the other and if the tubes coming off the valve covers on each side crack or come off it will spray all over ive also noted condensation in the engine thinking it was a blown head gasket because of this alternating airflow.


one side should go to a pcv  valve somewhere that eventually gets routed to the intake and the other side to the air cleaner cleaner....i believe....my soobs have never been stock when i get them....anyway thats how i route my hoses.


check the dipstick tube and oil cap as they will leak too if they dont seal up. my dipstick was leaking once and i thought it was the valve cover...i also left my oil cap off after an oil change once.....huge mess. other than that the only oil leaks ive ever had is valve cover gaskets as they get old and harden up  after a while.

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Hey man I really appreciate this. I went to schucks

And I asked the manager what he would do. He said"put a cap on the open valve cover and upgrade the tube for the intake"

So I trusted him. ..... Now I know I'm better off doing it on my own.

And to NEVER trust a " schucks professional"

Oil shot up my breather tube filling my carb with oil, ruining my air filter and causing me to take my carb apart in the parking lot.

4hours later I got it back together. Clean. so I put a breather on it

Gave the guy an ear full and was on my way.

She had to much oil in her.

Thanks a ton

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