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Brand New XT6 Owner - In need of parts (interior)

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Allright I got the XT6 home. I had serious doubts about my sanity when I got on the plane to Omaha to pick it up. I mean, even if the smallest thing goes wrong, I’m stuck in BFE…. Anyhow, it all worked out. I got home yesterday to find the XT6 shop manuals at my door step. Thumbing through, these are great!

Now, I am in the need of some advice…


Is there a company that makes aftermarket replacement interior parts for these cars? I looked at a few part/donor XT6’s and they all seem to have the same parts broken, wiper switch, dimmer switch, ect….. Where can I source new parts? Or high quality used parts? Or do I have to make parts?


If anyone finds an exceptional XT6 interior, PM me. I’m willing to make an offer and haul the car off, whatever it takes.

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Not real sure of how many xt/xt-6 owners are on this Board, there's a few I know of. But trying over on the xt6.net site might get you the needed parts a bit faster. They were fairly quick in giving me the much needed info I was after for my engine swap. I do know someone with 2 XT-6's, I'll contact him and ask about parts availibility for you. Will post back.

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I post over on the XT6 site too. Thanks, sometimes there are people over here and this place I think gets more traffic. At least when I compare how many people are logged on each time i visit.

Fate has shown itself on me again. :banana: :banana: :banana:

First this XT6 falls into my lap by the failure of Meeky to get the deal done, then a faultless 1,800 mile trip back. Now get this, I showed a picture of the car to a fellow co-worker, and another guy says, "Hey! Betty has a car just like that!" Betty is our office assitant so I walk over and ask her about it.

Now get this!!! She got a big settlement check in 1988. Her car just went belly up and she paid cash for a 1988 XT GL, VIN number:JF1AX4324JC3XXXXX. So this is a one owner XT GL; 160K on the engine, 4 speed auto, garaged 100%, same color interior as my car, nothing is broken, no sctaches in the paint, not a ding in a panel, not a wear mark on any interior part. The lady has an imacilant house and followed through with this car. All maintanence has been done by the local Subaru dealer. She has papers for the first oil change to the last detail job on the car.

A shame to part it out, but hey I need the interior parts badly. I have no interest in the power train, except I might see if I can squeeze it into my '88 station wagon.

(little chance I'd do this though)

today I'm buing a LOTTO ticket, I've been having pretty good luck lately. :lol:

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