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  1. TomRhere

    EA81 Windshield Seal

    Well,, Durnit. Sorry R.W., I tried to help.
  2. TomRhere

    Squeaky Pass Wheel - New Axle

    Check the parking brake adjustment also.
  3. TomRhere

    EA81 Windshield Seal

    Do all EA81 bodied vehicles take the same seal?
  4. Adjust the rear brakes.
  5. Got a couple pics. PM me your email and I'll send them.
  6. Pretty sure I can match the PS one. Been a few since I've layed eyes on them, but the ones I have look familiar from memory. Do my best to remember to get them out of their hiding spot tomorrow (after work) and snap a pic or two for you.
  7. You need just the lens, or whole tail-light assembly? Have both. Should have ignition key lock assembly and door locks to keep it all one key. I'll check on that and post back.
  8. 5 pedal boxes from EA82's, '86 thru '92, all have those pieces. Didn't look at the one on the BRAT.
  9. TomRhere

    TomRHere's '88 GL 4WD Wagon

    Still have the '82 BRAT. But when I'll ever have time to work on it is the question.
  10. TomRhere

    TomRHere's '88 GL 4WD Wagon

    Sold it today.
  11. No resistor on these. ECU is mounted to the underside of steering column. Have to remove that trim panel to access it.
  12. The speed selector switch has failed. You are correct on the "High Only" if it was the resistor pack.
  13. TomRhere

    Caliper jamming

    If it's the front left one hanging up, it could be due to the Hill-Holder. Proper adjustment of it's cable would help there.