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jumping tach/low voltage reading

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trying to figure out what's going on, scouring posts I've found related problems but still no luck


'88 GL wagon 4x4 1.8


First noticed jumping tach at around 2500-3000 rpm. Then the volt meter started reading low and the car died on me while driving with a dead battery. Had both the alternator and battery checked, alternator was ok but battery needed replacing so I did that.

Still had the jumpy tach.

After reading through posts here I tried replacing the distributor with one from a junkyard and it seemed to fix the problem. Everything was great for about a day then it returned. Tach jumps, especially when going up a hill and the car really lags. When this happens I notice the volt meter dropping down to about 10 volts. If I put it in neutral and take it up to about 4000+ rpm the volts jump back to just above 12 and stay there for a couple minutes before the problem repeats.


Should I replace the coil? check the alternator again? Could it be that I need to do a better job adjusting the timing? 



Thanks for any help!

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so, you miss the post on ht leads needing replacement can cause wacho tacho then ?

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