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Hello All,


I have previously posted on the old version of this forum and I'm a long time Subaru owner (on number 4 and counting). I'm considering getting an '04 XS to replace my '96 Legacy LS Wagon. I recently saw Subaru's announcement about the '05 Forester line-up, including the LL Bean edition:




Based on this release, it appears that the 2005 is getting, among other things:


-Monotone color only for XS (except LL Bean)

-New 3-Spoke Steering Wheel

-Power Driver's Seat (XS and up)

-Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) system to X & XS (already in XT)

-Dual-stage deployment driver’s air bag

-Standard air filtration system

-Illuminated power lock switches

-Raised black-letter tires


I don't know if prices have been released (I assume they will go up if equipment is added, but who knows), but I was wondering if anyone is considering waiting for an '05 based on these features, especially the ETC.


Thanks for any responses



(also posted this on www.subaruforester.com)

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Nope, we bought our '04XT 5spd a few weeks ago and there is nothing on that list that would have convinced us to wait (besides, we got the 1.9% interest rate too:brow: ). What a HOOT this car is!:banana:



'04 Forester XT 5spd

'91 Loyale 5spd 4wd Wagon

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