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New to Subaru and new to USMB

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Just purchased my 'new' 2010 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited....pretty happy to finally be a Subaru owner. We were looking for a car to replace a great 2005 Altima and it was down to two cars....a 2008 Audi A6 and the Outback..... although the A6 was a nice car, in the end, the Subaru was the smarter/better choice...I am loving this car....


Ironically, I think it was my interest in Subarus that spurred my inlaws into buying their first Subaru a few years ago....since then, they've owned 2 Foresters and an Outback....I have finally caught up.


Anyhow, nice to be 'part of the club'....hoping to learn a lot. I would welcome and appreciate any advice from all you more experienced Subaru owners...


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Thank you….

I'll admit, the thought of those potential Audi repairs was what drove me away. Even with a three year power train warranty, possible repairs to the A/C, the Audi interface, etc, we may have been looking at thousands in repair costs…..


New Subaru owner….and no regrets!

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