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85' Ea81 ocv; valve adjustment. Help.

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When I was repair overhaul head gasket kits.


Somehow, my book said that

TDC use on adjustment valves #1 and # 3 cylinder intake/exhaust.

And then 180deg use on adjustment #2 and #4 cylinder intake and exhaust?

^It's make me not sense right^

In: .25m

Ex: .35m


Just give me right way for adjustment.

Cuz I didn't understand what my manual book said..

Help and thanks!

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 i was under the impression that ea81 motors 84 and newer have hydrolic  valve lifters and need a different adjustment spec.  the procedure is similar but the setting is a lot different,  better check and find out if you have that before you decide to give a hydro motor all that clearance.   some of the folks here may post the info you need.

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