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97 EJ22 in a 78 Leone - Faltering

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So I recently got all the fuel breather lines hooked up in the back of that wagon.  They were old and shrunken and pulled away from the attachments to whatever valves or filters or whatever they are that are inside the body in the rear of the wagon, behind the plastic - so I attached some new bits of tubing with barbed fittings to make up the distance.

 Now, when I fill the fuel tank, the car will drive normally for a few minutes and then falter randomly and unpredictably.  It will just cut power and then kick back in making for a herky jerky ride.  When it is in this mode, the idle also fluctuates regularly between about 600 and 1200 RPM.

This slowly decreases in frequency and violence as the tank empties until around 1/2 to 3/4 tank, it disappears entirely.

I disconnected the fuel breather and have driven a little bit and the problem seems to stop, BUT then it smells like gas in the car.  

Does this sounds like I simply need larger fuel lines for the breather?  Am I right in calling this a breather line?  The lines also are hard to track in their routes through the car.  Does anyone have a diagram?  

Could it simply be 1 or all of the valves (or whatever they are) that the lines run through?

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I'm thinking that it might have something to do with this little guy.  Anyone know what it is? Pressure regulator?



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