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Forester needs rear disc swap

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I didn't realize some 1st gen Foresters came with rear drums. The 98 Forester L I just bought does. I haven't sold my wrecked 97 outback yet that has rear disc, all this should just plug-n-play-swap between the two cars right? Change rear hub/knuckle/chunk w everything it holds and slap hoses on. Proportioning valve too. What about e-brake cables? Those are probably different. What about abs? Both cars are abs, will they act funky or dangerous under abs engagement? One actuated stronger than other or something? I'm just trying to see if anything I'm forgetting or need to go buy in advance, other than some brake fluid and braided stainless lines for the one I'm keeping. Which I'd have to get for a disc equipped car. I'll let you know...

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