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New User- 1982 Subaru GL 4x4 5 Speed

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Hey all, i am a new user to this forum, Im currently on the legacygt forum as well.


I just wanted to introduce myself and my ride that i picked up for $390 a few days ago.


Its a 1982 Gl 4x4 with 5 speed with Hi and Lo Transmission.


She runs good, has 192000 miles on it and Im very surprised of the 4x4 trail capability.


Although coming from a 5.0 second 0-60 Legacy GT, this thing is slllooowwwwww :)


Anyway, she has A/C (needs a new belt), PS and power windows along with a sunroof.


I think i did ok for the price, the car does not have rust but has extensive damage to the body.


I hope that this forum will educate me and help me with what i want to do to it in the future (lift, tires, tune, etc)



Any input is greatly appreciated ...................Pics to follow

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Chances are, unless it has been swapped, you've got a 4sp d/r (dual range) rather than a 5sp.

Watch the sunroof for leaks, they are infamous for it. Ask me how know. :wacko:

And your best bet to pick up some of that lost power you feel is to get a weber 32/36 DGAV carb.

I recommend brand new and ShawnW (the owner and admin of the board) has a shop he sells parts and service through in Colorado.

RetroRoo is the name of it and I got a weber from him for a steal.

Also, clean up and paint those dents, even if its just a basic primer sealer. it will prevent that little red monster from even starting on your car.




PS: Welcome to the board! :D

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Thanks Twitch, i could have swore it said 5 speed on the original window sticker it came with, but i will double check today. I will look into the carb, hopefully its a pretty easy install? Hope to get her all tuned up and lifted so i can go up and beat around in the mountains :) . Any advice for a tune up that is specific to these cars, or just basic fluids, wires, plugs and filters will do?

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Keep fluids in it, use NGK where possible in the ignition system and good filters.

Beware cheaper wires, I've had misfires from Beldon (NAPA) and BWD (O'Reilly's/Autozone).

Only wires I've found that have never given me issues are NGK.

And don't be afraid to use di-electric grease. Those moisture related misfires will disappear or never show up with the appropriate use of it.

It'll also prevent your wires from ripping out of their boots upon removal.from the wires.



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