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Subaru XT 89 Seatbelt Rail Assembly Search

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My passive restrait seatbelt track& cable assembly (subaru 64956GA790) for the drivers side has bit the dust.

Subaru doesn't have any to sell.  Same track 88,89,90,91 model.  Runs above the front door frame back to the pillar and down to the motor.

My motor works, the cable is bound up.

Anybody know of a parts yard who keeps old stuff like this around?  Anybody want to sell me on off a parts car they might be holding?


I see there are aftermarket belts to eliminate the "strangler", but i'm trying to keep this simple.


Any suggestions appreciated,



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I have one out of an '88 XT6. Worked as it should when I scrapped the car.


Swapping in a used one or converting to  full shoulder/lap belt system are only options.

Swapping can get involved to make things "look right".


Hi TomRhere.


I'm new to the board (was a reader before but had not registered, just lurked).  Anyway I'd like to buy if you willing to sell.  My car is at a body shop where they came up short finding a repair part and sent me searching. I'd like to just swap the one out for he same thing, which it sounds like what you have.   I don't know if there is a set protocol for contacting another poster or doing parts sales.  Perhaps you'd drop me an email or phone me to discuss?

Email Dominic (dominicsmith AT mac dot com or Area Code 541- Four Eight Two-one eight six eight.   Pacific time this end.

Thanks for your quick reply on the board.

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