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ride anthropology

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I have not seen a post like this yet but if i am starting something new i think it may be beneficial in peering into the automotive past of our family be seein what they started driving up to what they now drive, also what led us to a subaru...

Here goes



1965 chevy 3/4 ton longbed 327 ci .........(Bought from step dad and he took it when mom kicked him out  :mad: )

1974 plymouth fury 4door 360 ci ............. (first car i bought and got to keep)

1971 impala 400 ci small block ............... ( blew rear main seal and died)

1978 dodge 3/4 ton club cab 318 ci........... (ugly rump roast rusted truck that never died..even after catching fire!)

1972 nova 4 door 350 ci ....................... (cam shaft lobes wore out and dismantled car to build the next on the list)

1968 chevy II nova 2dr 89 vette 350 ci with torker manifold and holley 650 power-glide and parts from previous nova

1978 ford fairmont wagon with 302 and 2bbl holley (wife's 6 second grocery getter she used when we first got married)

1978 Chevy luv truck..( work and back to save gas and wear on Nova)

1987 f-150  300 L6 (4.9)

1991 aerostar 4wd Eddie Bauer edition.                  (replace wifes wagon)

1962 chevy step side 5" lift 350 victor jr intake 33" mudders

1995 f-150 crew cab 3" lift and 31" at..302 fuel injected.....lack of power for this truck...sold it to get first new truck)

2004 GMC Canyon quad cab..3.5 L5 ..     (replaced fords..powerful but seats were very uncomfortable)

2005 rav4....wrecked after 8 months of purchase by sister-in-law, fixed as if nothing happend and traded for next...

2006 Suzuki sx4 to replace wifes rav (no balls at all..sold when economy crashed and broke even)

1978 brat..found on craigslist as project for son and i and i was hooked on subaru. lifted 2" upgrade to 1.8 dr trans

1979 subaru wagon 4" lift upgrade 1.8 dr trans

2009 outback sport for wife to replace gmc canyon

1997 impreza sport for daughter.....

In a nutshell, I love my old cars and power but unless you got bank they are tough to feed these days. I also love off roading but my 62 would use both 15 gallon tanks in one day of off roading whereas the brat could cross the dessert for a whole day and still have enough gas to get me to work the next day..

I still get the ''Thats cool'' response that i got from my novas, impalas and old trucks, just not from the street outside my driveway when someone passes by the house and catches a glimpse of something too costly to drive.

The other reason for having subarus is i refuse to buy anything i cant work on with my ham hands..sideways mounted engines are not welcome in my garage when you have to remove the fender well and a half shaft just to change an alternator.

Subys are safe and have an all wheel drive system unmatched by anything as for ease of access for repairs.

knowing my wife and daughter are safe when we get our surprise flash floods here in vegas gives me peace as apposed to all other cars that spin out or have erratic front wheel spin outs when shifting.

so theres my automotive anthropology..how bout you all?



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