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Major winter projects wrapping up

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I have a few winter projects that are getting near finished to one degree or another. The Subaru project is my 82 Brat that is at the paint shop and I told them that I wanted it back after the salt was off the road, a freshly rebuilt EA81 is on my bench waiting for it to come home. My major non Subaru project (car wise) has been a total overhaul of the F1 system on my 355. This system is nuts, it is a true manual 6 speed the same as is in the 6 speed stick shift cars but it has a computer that runs a pump and hydraulic valve body that control the tranny. So you pull the paddle to shift from 1st to second and in about 100msec it opens the clutch, moves the forks from 1st to 2nd and releases the clutch and returns the throttle to you before you notice the shift. The system tends to work great until it doesn't then your rump roast out. Mine started acting up in the fall so I hauled it up on the lift and went to work. I did the clutch, damper, flywheel, sensors, seals, and converted from the OEM 355 pump to a massive upgrade of the 360 pump for about 10% of the dealership cost to install the same old crap. 


Here are a few highlights;


Car with the system installed, freshly painted heat shield, and you can see the EA81 on the bench.




This view shows the clutch and exhaust removed. The layout is different in that it is engine, tranny, clutch instead of engine clutch tranny as the world usually works.




What lead to the whole project was a leaking seal that let tranny fluid onto the clutch disk and sensor.



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Installing new headers, as long as things are apart it is a nice time to do some cleaning.




And the simple boot that FOA wanted $165 for was sold by Honda for $17 for two.



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