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I went to the dark side.

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So after a few years of wheeling a couple different lifted wagons I came to the conclusion that with the amount of money and work it would take to make it reliable enough for the alaskan terrain, I could just build something else.


So thats what I did. It's still a work in progress and probably will always be one.



1990 jeep cherokee limited. 4.0 automatic with 242 t case. which means I get AWD 2wd 4wd and 4low


This is what it looked like when i bought it about a month ago





mmmmm power leather 







Then i set about making it a beast.


ordered this! rough country 4.5" lift





and then i ordered these :) 33x12.50r15 goodyear MT/R with kevlar (they are almost as big as a 35)






Got the lift installed, alot more work than a subie lift lol look!!! i got flex!!





Got an alignment and the tires mounted on a set of 15x8 ultra wheels







Then i had to do some trimming, so i could steer lol


 ghetto flares.
 hah! bushwacker wanting $400 for flares..
24"x36" mudflap from Oreillys, $14.99
box of self tapping screws, $4.89
 sawz-all blade. $4.99
step one, cut the mud flap into 4 equal 6" strips. pic of 4 strips didnt save :(
step two, cut notches into fender where flare will mount, then bend them out. fold/ trim remaining area for clearance.
then just lay the flares on and screw them to the folded out tabs. trim off  screws that protrude.
I plan on buying a mess of small washer to put under the screws as they will go through the rubber if tightened too much.
 I will say they are strong and durable, you can shake the whole truck if you grab one.
Next thing i did was clean up those rims, the pictures dont show it real well but they were oxidized and covered in sap.
after a few hours with a small wire brush and some sap remover. 
they looked like this
then a few more hours with a mothers power cone and some aluminum polish resulted in this. they aren't perfect but they look alot better.
Wasn't going for show quality anyways.. still feel like a poser even having shiny rims.
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Chrome don't get ya home , but polished aluminum will!!!!

Good job man. For what we have done in Subies, this is a huge jump wheeling wise.have fun and enjoy!


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Yeah I decided that subarus are awesome but not really good for the wheeling we have here. when funds allow I'll pick up a subie to DD


Really I was tired of being the guy holding up the trail  only ever got stuck a few times and only broke once, but when you wheel with rigs like this



or this!



or, a little more famous, this;


I could keep going but those are just three of the rigs i've wheeled with.



(that would be Jasons rover, I know him and have wheeled with him a few times.)



You tend to get left behind alot. the subie held its own for a while but I just needed something more capable and with more aftermarket.


So far I'm extremely happy.. and i haven't even gotten to wheel it yet.

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