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Who is going to WCSS17?

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Had to take the Edmonds Kingston ferry will be arriving right around 11 o'clock ish. hopefully I'm not too late to go play in the mud did not reserve tickets for the Coupeville Port Townsend ferry do too I had no idea if I was going to have my car done and ready to go but the Subaru of God was watching my back got it back together and gone. I'm happy I'm on the ferry as of right this minute headed to Kingston driving up from there

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I went . I was blown away at WCSS17 LOL . Had a total blast . took my 81 brat (The HatchBrat) and my 86 3 door turbo coupe. Wow what a wild show ! There was even a rollover (no one injured) Too bad i came out of my shell only towards the end of the show. I can be a bit of a hermit sometimes . Detached my exhaust on the second pass through the mud drag pit. Now I can redesign it better!

It was a windy but epic show. Whens the next wheeling run ?I am game!



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Wow sounds really fun i wanted to get my wagon muddy before the first day of school and impress people. Anyways i saw some people at the oak harbor Safeway. Does a tan colored loyale wagon with yellow roof-basket ring a bell to anyone? just thought it looked cool. and if anyone is heading through Coupeville and wants to cruise I'm down

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