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Poor mileage


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Hi. I put 94 legacy n/a into my  Vanagon a couple years ago. My first trip to Washington and then south to San Diego yielded mileage of 18-21 per gallon. I took a trip to Sacramento yesterday and got 12 . The  van ran strong and seemed to run as usual. I only noticed the fuel wasn't lasting too long. My wife drives the van mostly around town and is always filling up, I figure because of all the stop and go.

 My idle only seems a tad slow but it has always been that way. I pulled the plugs and did a comp check, 150-160. The plugs looked a bit lean but not like they get hot. 

 I can run at 70 all the way to Sac but generally keep around 60 - 65.

 The only oddity I see is my first water reserve goes low and doesn't push water into the overflow tank.

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