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  1. john in KY

    Rear Hub/Bearing Replacement

    Thread in 2 longer bolts and whack them with a hammer and it'll come out. Just did both rears this way.
  2. Had a dent in a Mustang once. Used compressed air and it popped out.
  3. Fuel pump? If still original. it's what, 30 years old?
  4. Once again I am stumped when it comes to unplugging components. This particular ECU has an about 2-4 inch "lever" above the plug, which appears to be one gigantic connector, with an arrow imprinted on it. I failed to get the lever to move and am at a lose how to unplug the ECU. I assume any ECU from 95 through 99 will exchange.
  5. 08 has 4. Replaced the front ones but any tricks on how to remove the rear 2? Just can't get a wrench up there. Thinking about just dropping the exhaust.
  6. Swapped out the crank sensor, went for a 10 mile test ride, and no stalling. Have fingers crossed and tomorrow will take it on a 60 mile trip to Lowes. But the wife has finally convinced me to find something newer so will be hitting Craigslist daily.
  7. Having the same problem with my 95. Engine was replaced a few years ago. Current mileage probably around 160K. Have done much of the above. Problem now better but engine still stalls when stopped at a stop sign. For some reason the Hot ATF always flashes a few times when it stalls. Beginning to wonder if maybe the TC lock up function could be the problem.
  8. Just learned from a reliable source there are a total of 4 sensors. Problem solved.
  9. Checked some diagrams that show 3. Looked under car and see only 2 in the manifold pipes. Replaced the midsection exhaust pipe a few years back and don't recall a downstream sensor. Haven't crawled yet under the car, just had my second virus vaccination and am sore all over, but will in a day or two. If only 2, which is the upstream and downstream?
  10. Would replacing your bracket with the one on the junkyard engine solve this problem?
  11. john in KY

    Fried ECU

    I notice that when I am going uphill, that's when the struggling starts, I have to wait, keep the pedal on and wait until it "clears." Another thing is that this happens under load, when I have the car on idle, parked and I depressed the gas pedal, it runs fine, in other occasions it sputters a bit but generally runs smooth. However, when I actually drive it and I have to go uphill, bam! It won't go smoothly, stalls, boggs and only after a while it clears. Sounds silly but try BACKING up that hill and notice if anything changes.
  12. john in KY

    EA82T overboost, ECU cuts fuel

    I doubt that will change anything. My thought is the waste gate controller is not "seeing" enough vacuum.
  13. john in KY

    Fried ECU

    Is there anything that looks like an old Mopar ballast resistor over by the air filter? I can't recall if it was the XT or XT6 that used it but am sure one of them for sure.
  14. I replaced that cradle a few years ago. Removing those bolts that bolt the cradle to the frame required a 4 foot cheater bar. The engine swap will be much easier. Was under the impression the swap was between 2 H6 vehicles.
  15. john in KY

    Fried ECU

    Been 30 years but just thinking the early XTs had some sort of "resistor" over on the passenger side of the engine bay that was part of the injector wiring. I would as a test determine which wire at 4 is the ground side and wire it to ground.