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  1. What are the odds the radiator and the timing belt both fail simultaneously.
  2. Also each head has an oil seal. The one on the passenger-side there to accommodate a distributor. Some markets used a distributor. The other side, don't know why there. From my experience, the passenger-side will be leaking. The oil separator plate mentioned above always leaks over time but if you spring for this job, Definitely have those other 2 seals replaced.
  3. With someone else cranking the engine, check for voltage at the fusible links, both sides, and for voltage at the coil. As for the ECU being bad, I really doubt that. When you did that work on the engine, somehow you caused this no-start problem.
  4. The coil bracket is also used as a ground. If loose no spark.
  5. Don't overlook checking for spark/fuel. The basics.
  6. If by hubs you are referring to the wheels, my guess is everything else will be stock Subaru stuff. Edit: If the curent calipers also contain the E-brake, then everything other than the wheels are stock.
  7. john in KY

    Brake pad seized on Loyale

    Does this model have the hill-holder feature?
  8. "You can try soaking it with AeroKroil or other rust penetrant but your success may vary. Sometimes using a chisel to open up the split assuming you got the entire pinch bolt out." That's the technique I used to remove the last ball joint I did. Took a couple of three days but that Kroil will eventually "eat" that rust. Had the knuckle off the car. Don't know what your time is worth but new knuckles on eBay for around $80.
  9. A complete new engine will be very expensive. I think a rebuilt chart block goes for around $2500. Check out car-parts.com for a used engine. If this was my problem, used engine all the way. Rebuilding your engine will be very expensive. Crankshaft/ rods/bearings/labor...wow. Currently live in KY but originally from Ohio. Hooked up with the ex while attending school in VA.
  10. From your description of the problem I won't throw money at the original engine. Subaru offers a factory rebuilt short block or source a low-mileage used engine. Replacing the engine itself is not rocket science and the kid down the street can probably do it for a few hundreds. My ex is from Pico Rivera. Good chance you probably dated her as I learn over time the girl really got around.
  11. Problem solved. Looked behind radio/glove box/under steering wheel and never found that relay. Two days ago I replaced the HVAC control panel and in the process unplugged the 4-way flasher button. Didn't remember to plug it back in and that was the problem
  12. Lost my turn signals tonight. Fairly confident the relay failed but where is it located?
  13. May be as simple as adjusting the clutch. My old Dodge truck has a hydraulic clutch and I can always tell when the slave cylinder needs replaced as it becomes a bear to shift gears, especially reverse.