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  1. I think it will depend on the year of the 2.5.
  2. Put it up on a lift to evaluate the amount of rust. My concern is the rear suspension cradle/crossmember has seen better days. My 95 has far less visible rust but very little of that member was left. Did replace it but not a job I would want to do again.
  3. Just returned from the wrecking yard. Yard had only one Subaru and someone before me had damaged that trim piece. Post in the parts wanted section and I am sure some of the west coast members will have that part. Subarus in KY are fairly rare and everyone and their brothers owns one in the PNW. John
  4. Needle-nose grips would be my choice. I checked a spare transmission I have and only one bolt secures the tube. I didn't read all the posts that closely and assumed you needed that trim piece above the radio that I have. Now I see you need the trim piece below what I have that I don't have. Will take a trip to the local wrecking yard tomorrow and will pull that piece if one available. How does $10 sound? John
  5. Can you grab onto it with ViceGrips? Any reason your son seems reluctant to do any help with this? I just happen to have that trim piece. Just pay postage and I'll mail it to you. Thinking there is only one bolt down by the base of the tube. Could just remove it and then pull the complete housing.
  6. You may end up creating more problems with that stuff. Why not first pinpoint the source of the problem? Doesn't take much to bypass the heater core. Radiator that old has to be on its last leg.
  7. That socket is out there. About 20 years ago I bought a pin socket that was a perfect fit for my XT6. Problem is I can't remember from where or how I seleted that particular pin socket.
  8. Use a left-hand drill bit and if you screw up, either tap for a larger diameter bolt or use a helicoil. Any decent machine shop can repair this damage. If the engine uses the flapper AFM, 85 and 86.
  9. john in KY

    A Long Shot? A/C Compressor

    I think there was only 2 types. One type was original equipment, came from the factory, and the other was installed at the dealer.
  10. Could have a lot of corrosion inside the battery cables. Edit: Are you saying that after 3 days the battery is dead?
  11. Well I sort of suggested it wasn't going to be pleasant. That small bolt had me saying words I didn't realize I even knew. I also need to replace that oil line. Ordered it when I did the coolant line but haven't gotten around to installing it. And I noticed that line under the intake manifold has a rusted area. Well do both this fall when it cools down.
  12. john in KY

    Need some assistance with ea82t

    Thermostat housing confirms the engine is in the 85 to 87 range.
  13. john in KY

    Need some assistance with ea82t

    This engine has the dual port heads. Engine offered from 85 to 1990. Exhaust gaskets the same for all years. Any model with the turbo option, no difference. Thinking I may even have a set in the garage.
  14. john in KY

    Need some assistance with ea82t

    Looks like the AFM is the "flapper" style. Was only used in the 85/86/87 models. Also can tell if it is from one of these years is to look at the thermostat housing. Fairly sure the distributor changed in 1988. Cylinder heads the weak link. 3 versions used over the years. Early version tended to crack.