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  1. john in KY

    Is this EA82T head junk?

    Can always be welded.
  2. I don't think, based on what you have stated, that the transmission is the problem. Rotate the tires front to back and note if anything changes. Any idea how old the tires are?
  3. Check coolant level and go for it. Do't over think this.
  4. Looks correct. Line connected to the FPR is the return line.
  5. You probably reinstalled the 2 fuel lines between manifold and fuel filter wrong.
  6. john in KY

    Wont start

    As far as I know, this model does not use an ECU. If the no-start condition appeared immediately after changing the plug wires, I would double check you got the firing order correct. How in the world did you note the coil was wired backward? The coil may have a short. Replace it with a known good one.
  7. john in KY

    No power to my ignition coil

    Why was the distributor replaced? Have you checked the positive side of the coil for voltage? "And the coil to starter is good." Makes no sense to me. The coil and starter are stand alone parts.
  8. Batery/altertnator outputs easy to test. I'm thinking maybe the problem is the alternator is not being spun fast enough.
  9. You nailed it. Took a closer look this morning with the "air tube" removed and noticed one of the hose clamps was installed wrong. My fault when I pulled the engine 2 years ago to correct another one of my screw ups. Took the wife out for dinner and put 60 miles on the engine and no leak.
  10. That doesn't sound right to me. The only other thing I can think of is the injectors aren't firing.
  11. Thanks for the links. Decided to bit the bullet and went and ordered all new hoses. Figured why not since the intake needs pulled.
  12. Discovered a coolant line that side of the engine and decide to just replace everything over there since the intake manifold has to be pulled. What is a good online Subaru dealer?