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  1. john in KY

    Possible new owner

    'Rust is also a huge deterrent in your area - check the underneath like the rear suspension, brakes, and exhaust which could look like scrap metal ". Replacing rusted undercarriage parts is not fun.
  2. May as well also check the FPR. Just pull the hose.
  3. If the above doesn't solve the problem, remove the rear seat and look/sniff around. My newer Outback had me smelling gasoline and the problem was a failing fuel pump gasket.
  4. I don't know either. Edit: Checked another site and you are correct. My bad.
  5. 15 inch wheels will probably not clear the front brake calipers but easy to check.
  6. Any codes? How does the muffler look? Once had one where a baffle inside broke free and was impeding the flow.
  7. If you just replaced the radiator, strongly suspect a loose hose clamp.
  8. Th transmission/torque convertor could be the source of the problem. Idle rpms seems high to me.
  9. The Mazda Tribute and the Ford whatever are decent vehicles. Bought a well used one for a family member a couple of years ago and still running strong at around 300K. Replacing the alternator on the other hand will make a strong man cry. What a PITA.
  10. One way involves using seat of the pants technique. Make a minute adjustment, I would start withe the TPS in the middle of its sweep, and take a test ride. Eventually you will find the sweet spot.
  11. I would have just went to a wrecking yard and bought a complete steering column. Thinking 5 bolts and done.
  12. john in KY

    86 XT DL fuel pump inoperative

    Did you completely drain the old fuel? I once dealt with 20-year old gasoline and it is nasty stuff. Just mentioning this because the pick-up in the tank could be clogged.
  13. john in KY

    I'm Back

    Welcome back.