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  1. The "running lights" problem is probably that rocker switch behind the steering wheel. Somehow got turned on.
  2. I have no idea other than the noise appears to be coming from that area and once the engine is pulled, a visible inspection should show the source. TC failure is very rare and that greasing the rear main "solution" seems pretty far fetched to me. I would suspect a cracked felex plate way before a failing TC. Just recently pulled and reinstalled an engine in my 08 and not that bad a task and I have you by 15 more years.
  3. My advice is pull the engine and leave the transmission in place. Much easier this way.
  4. Use a 3 to 4 foot cheater bar and may consider moving up to a 3/4 inch socket/breaker bar.
  5. That switch is located just to the left of the shifter. Pull the center console to access. Had the same problem in my 95 2 summers ago. Even changed the starter as you did. Same results. Added the starter relay modification and problem solved.
  6. The distributor has nothing to do with the cranking of the engine. Heck, engine will crank with the distributor pulled.
  7. Replaced one last year in an 08 and from start to finish, about 10 days.
  8. Wonder if a really strong magnet could move that pin?
  9. john in KY

    the 3.454:1 diffs

    Once had an 85 XT turbo FWD that had the 3.54 differential.
  10. Just from reading old posts about this my guess is you have to swap the camshaft sprocket and/or that crankshaft sprocket/sensor. More knowledgeable members will pinpoint the problem/solution.
  11. Post a little confusing. Are you looking for a transaxle or a rear differential?
  12. john in KY


    Read something long time ago that was a similar problem. The underside of the fusible link panel was corroded.
  13. Don't know if this is even true but look for either an L or R stamped somewhere on the part.