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Where to find EJ255/257 cases?

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Working with a bone stock 2004 WRX. I put a cheap N1 clone cat back on it and that's all that's done to it.. We want to eventually get into modding this car pretty heavy but street able and reliable. 250 AWHP is all she really needs. which is low by hybrid standards I think.. Basically 50-75hp over stock should do, but want some room to turn the boost up for track days since a track JUST opened up in our area this summer


I'm the most 'fun' way of doing this is to build an EJ255 shortblock with the EJ205 heads, creating a hybrid STI.. I've read the early EJ255 pistons have more dish so when used with the 2.0L heads they have closer to stock compression than EJ257 pistons.. I don't want to buy a short block all done because that's no fun. Hence why I want just the 2 case halves, or maby an engine that needs bearings, cause I want to put upgraded parts in it like forged pistons and such..


I know I could work the EJ205 but building a bigger engine with cams, boost and such but doing the EJ255/257 hybrid STI swap saves the EJ205 short block as a 'spare'


Is there any place that sells the case halves or is that a watch Ebay/CL thing? don't have the budget for it right yet and the car needs snow tires but I start a really good paying job next month.

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