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Hey folks. I have a 99 Brighton legacy. The rear wheel bearings went bad so I replaced them with a cheap set from rockauto. I pressed them in at a local friends shop.


The hubs still were wobbling inside of the knuckles. Did I mess up the install or did I buy crap quality bearings?


The were WJB brand maybe I need to spend more. I did pack them with grease. I pressed them in all the way. I did have to press one out and back in(there was a small piece of the old chunked bearing sitting at the bottom of the race I didn't initially remove).


But both hubs had the same amount of play. I pressed the bearings into the knuckles then the hubs into the bearings? Is that an okay order?

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you're positive both are fully seated and bearings, seals, hubs, are all properly installed in order, depth, etc?


both were doing the same thing? i would think it's odd for both to fail in the identical manner. 


if the hubs were run too long with bad bearings or otherwise previously compromised then new bearings can fail after that.  though i'm not aware of them failing instantly due to the hubs?

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Either a press sleeve or large socket that the inner race can sit on as you press the hub in. 

Could also place the hub on the press block if you have a press sleeve that the center of the hub can sit on. Then press the knuckle assembly down onto the hub, by pressing on the inner race. 


Either way can be easier depending on what you have available to press with. But regardless of how you do it, the inner races of the bearing have to be held together as the hub is being pressed in. 

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