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Gen 5 Subaru Outback (2015) Front Differential Fluid Change

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Identifying the fill plug  for the 2015 Outback genii TR580 lineartronic cvt(used in all 2015 2.5L outbacks) was hard this first time.  I found that ATRA.COM had a writeup and pictures covering most Subaru models with cvt.  ATRA stands for American Transmission Rebuilders Association and the article is on the subaru lineartronic cvt.  They show clear pictures with arrows to help you identify transmission and differential plugs for both the gen ii tr580 and the geni tr690


What they don't tell you is that the check plug and fill plug are both 8mm hex sockets and the factory over torques the fill plug so you need breaker bar to loosen.


After reading about folks adding gear oil to trans because of using wrong plug I was paranoid.,After getting my outback up on ramps and removing engine splash guard I saw like 10 plugs on surface of cvt.


I came back inside and read the atra.com info three times then: removed the 8mm check plug, and the 8mm fill plug(needed breaker bar) above and left of passenger side transaxle


  Still paranoid, I pumped a few strokes of 75-90 mobil 1 into fill hole and it came out the check/overfill plug hole...success....


Then I removed front diff drain plug with T70; cleaned drain plug to remove metallic paste

reinstalled drain plug to 52lbs torque

; pumped in 1.5 qts of 75-90 mobil1 then a couple more strokes had fluid coming out check/overfill plug opening

torqued fill plug to 32 lb 

torqued check plug to 32 lbs


My dealer wanted $269 to service differentials.  My cost for front and rear $50(including T70 socket amazon.com 1 day), 3 qts 75-90, and Tshirt I tossed from leaky gear oil pimp spillage)

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Nice. Thanks. There are thre plugs - check, fill, and drain? Check and fill are two different plugs? Weird.


What does the owners manual say - unserviceable, no change interval or take to dealer ?


To be fair for that $269 they're usually also providing free coffee and snacks while you wait. LOL.

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