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I need your assistance identifying the seat belt pretensioner on my 2012 Subaru Legacy 2.5 Premium.  The airbag light is on and the error code is "62 - Belt Pretensioner LH Failure" I was told the pretensioner is on the side of the seat and it is where the buckle connects to but I don't have anything like that, do you think it is under the seat?  People keep telling me that it is a long cylindrical tube but I just cannot find it.  Could one of you point me in the right direction please?


Thank you so much.

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If it's on the seat it will be mounted to the seat rail underneath. Usually a tube with a yellow sticker on it. It may have a protective cover over it to prevent people/objects from damaging it.


On some vehicles it's built in to the reel assembly.

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It's not the seat - it's the seat belt.  remove the entire seat belt with it's retraction assembly at the base.   You may need to remove the side center plastic trim between the two front doors to access it.  Pull trim and remove entire seat belt assembly. 


The SRS yellow line under the seat may be for a seat sensor (passengers side has those, i guess drivers side does as well), or side airbag embedded in the seat (if equipped). 

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