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Starlink and AndroidAuto

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I'm amazed by the new, complicated, unneeded programs.  Eyesight, is useful, so I'll stick with it and learn.  Starlink has probably dozens of apps and I can use about 6 at the most.  You have to have your cell phone plugged in to run it.  Lots of duplications,  and this is where I got the problem.  The included Starlink App is the main source of most other apps.  It as suggested to me to try Android Auto too.  Well, it seems they were not working together.  I wanted to remove on of the apps.  I figured it would be Android Auto.  I punched icons all over the place. Nothing.  Found a video of a Ford version and deleting a program was shown.  Unfortunately if didn't work the same way as in the Crosstrek.  But it helped.  I think I removed most of Android Auto except the logo.  This is a long shot, but has anyone else been playing with these new apps? 

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