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2016 Forester power windows crapped out

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Hello all,


I have a 2016 Forester base model. I had to take the driver's interior door panel off to replace the bulb in the puddle light at the bottom of the door. Upon replacing the door panel, none of the electric windows work. I have checked the LOCKOUT SWITCH and that is not the problem.


Can anyone tell me if there is a FUSE or CIRCUIT BREAKER I should check before I take the door panel off again? I have an electronic copy of the factory manual. It shows a power window circuit breaker, but not where it is located. So I don't know where it is. anyone know?


Anyone know if any of the fuses under the dash or under the hood control the power windows? None are labeled for power windows. If it isn't a fuse or circuit breaker I suspect the connections got loose. But I'd rather check obvious problems before I take the panel off again.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Jeff in Boston

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My 2017 Forester has a fuse (square-type) No.SBF-4 30A, located in the centre of the under-hood fuse-box.

When I pull this fuse, it disables all windows.

Your 2016 Forester should be the same.


BTW, you say that you have a 2016 Factory Manual.

Is this the Subaru Forester 2016 'Service Manual'?  If so, where did you get it from?

I can't find the 2017, nor the 2016, Forester Service Manual available for download on the Subaru.com website.

The most recent version listed is the 2015 Forester Service Manual, which is a full version including wiring diagrams.

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