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So I just bought a 2004 WRX. And he told me his right lowbeam went out. Thought no problem probably a lightbulb. 

Went to the store, got a HID lightbulb, just the same as the one on the drivers side, I took the old lightbulb out and it was clearly wiped out.

I put the new lightbulb in, put it all back together. And still won't turn on. I'll post picture tomorrow of what it looks like, but I think the headlights are aftermarket, not sure tho. and their is a weird thing

that hooks up to the light, that doesn't have a ground wire? But I checked the otherside, which works fine. And it has no ground wire to it too? If anyone knows what im talking about

please let me know how to fix it, and I'll post pictures as soon as possible! 

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