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Is there an exploded view of TILT ignition lock for a 1984 GL?

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I am searching for an exploded view of a tilt ignition lock for a 1984 GL wagon. Trying to locate retaining pin but cannot find. Another post suggested first removing the band that indicates switch position, I did. Then suggested, at 5 o'clock position for pin/screw hole, no hole or solder plug I can find.

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Have you seen this: https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/3839-requesting-ea81-ignition-lock-removal-how-to/


...maybe its helpful...

On 9/17/2003 at 2:35 PM, Sweet82 said:

If you have the key out and you have a good key (not broken in the ignition), you could try working the very last pin (deepest) in the lock. This should be the retaining (keeper) pin and removing this will allow the lock to come out of the cylinder.


You should only need to move it around 1/16th to release it.


Remove the lock slowly so pieces don't go shooting off in the distance. Even if this happens, it's not the end of the world. Insert your key in the lock once it's out to keep everything together.


Once out you can use a screwdriver to turn off the ignition. With the ignition off you should be able to insert your key and carefully reinstall it in the cylinder.


While its out you could look to see which pin/disk is scratched and hanging up the lock. This pin/disk can be removed along with the spring and it won't make any difference in your lock!


Picks would help, but an allen wrench filed will work just fine.



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And if not, maybe this will help? Its an EA81.


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Very helpful information as there is not much I have found covering this issue of pulling the lock cylinder, a prospect necessary for me to somehow accomplish as some POS broke into my car and while stealing the stereo and multiple other items, apparently finished off the lock cylinder because it is seized now. I need to unlock the steering and remove it from the street. The wheels are locked at about 30º towards the curb. Thank you, beamsbox , for showing me this post.

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After some research, I have found a similarity with the Datsun 510 assembly that shows almost precisely what I was looking for except for the mounting at this page;


Older Subarus and Datsun (pre Nissan) were alot the same, same manufacturer. I am learning alot from this and got to move my car today. Just waiting to find new parts to fix it right.

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