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I just posted my first topic in the 1990-Present category.

I can’t remember if I’ve introduced myself yet or not.

Im Bryan and I own a 2011 Impreza Outback Sport.

Ive owned this one for almost two years now. I had a 2010 previously but totaled it :’(

Over the last couple of months I have begun to do my own work on the car. It has been fun with several head aches and a broken finger thrown in the mix already. Misplaced a hammer swing when trying to bang out the broken tip of a screw extractor from the snapped pinch bolt.

Anyways, I look forward to sharing my work with you all and learning a lot along the way!

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welcome board hammer wielder!

if i could go back in time i would have thrown away all of my screw extractors. throw all of yours away and invest in some high grade left handed machinist grade drill bits and use oil in them to keep them cool.  

Extractors absolutely suck for DIY car work.  They're an excellent resource in the relatively controlled environment of a machine shop or in a home enviornment with light, relatively easy usage by home owners who wont' really work on anything difficult.  but they suck just about anywhere else.  they have almost no place in DIY car work, particularly if you're in a rust prone environment.  if a screw extractor can get it out, it can come out in some other less risky way.  

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