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Electronic Disty swap into a Gen 1 EA71

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Ok so I have had a lot of people ask me about this swap and what it takes and so forth. Well here is the detailed list of what it takes.


1. Remove the disty cap and the wires.

2. Disconnect both vacuum lines from the points disty along with the single wire that comes from the engine wiring harness that is attached to the side of the disty. Make sure to mark the position of the rotor prior to pulling the disty.

3. Remove the 10mm bolt from the disty and pull it out and remove the plate for under the disty also.

4. Bolt the EA81 disty plate onto the motor, then drop your new electronic disty into your motor. Make sure the disty rotor is pointing in the same position as the old one. The new disty will have 2 wires (yellow and black) and a spot for ONE vacuum line (we'll get to that later)

5. Connect the two wires to the coil. The yellow one goes to the positive and the black one goes to the negative.

6. Now, connect the TOP vacuum line to the advance on the disty and plug the other with a bolt (the one on the disty is for the advance and the plugged one is for a retard)

7. Now comes the fun with timing. If for some reason, it doesn't run right, check the timing. According to my disty, it is all the way advanced but I still don't see the timing marks on the flywheel yet it runs like a champ.


Now some of you are goin, "What do I do with this part here?" referring to the ballast resistor on top of the coil. Now I still have it on the Brat and it still runs so why bother??? As one of my auto college professors says, "If it's not broken, don't mess with it!!!":D


Oh and BTW, the disty I used was from a 1983 2wd EA81

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