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88 subaru GL auto transmission cooler lines location

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changed water pump the other day and went to put the radiator back. For

an automatic tranny equiped cars, the tranny fluid is cooled by running

the tranny lines into the radiator. I got the lines mixed up and do not

know where they are supposed to go back in. From the tranny, there is

one line coming from the front left side and another coming from the

rear left side of the tranny. Both these lines are run into to the

left side of the radiator, one at the bottom and the other at the top.


I need to know which line goes into which part of the radiator.



I got 88 GL 1.8L FI EA82 non-turbo 4-door with an automatic. The Haynes

manuel I have does not seem to have a diagram showing the tranny cooler

lines going into the radiator. I forgot to lable them when I took them

out, creating the problem I have right now.


any help is appreciated

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Also it is a 2WD not 4WD, I am thinking the line from the diff would be flowing to the top of the radiator and the line coming from the bottom of the radiator

would be flowing to the pan on the transmission.


Any help appreciated



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