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i have just had to replace my EJ22 engine...


the original was a 91' "3plug", the replacement was a 94' "2 plug" because of the wiring differences I first used the inlet and wiring from my 91'. this then had the following problem so i changed the inlet for the 94' and rewired it with my 91' loom...


the problem is...


it idles and ticks over fne but if i press the accelerator with any speed it gets to about 3.5-4k rev and makes a strage induction sort of noise and revs down... almost like hitting a rev limiter but more like starvation of fuel... seems very ecu/computer controlled. There is power under load up to the shut down point.


if you accelerate very very slowly the engine does rev up as normal...


Sorry for the bad explanation.... the original 91' engine was running fine but it needed new rings on number 3 so i found a replacement engine....


are there any differences between the 91' and the 94' EJ22???

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